Creating a wizard robe

In Blender I created a low poly version of a basic robe. Then created a high poly mesh using a Subdivision Surface modifier and some additional edge loops. I then UV unwrapped the low poly mesh. The belt was modelled as a separate object to enable By Mesh Name baking of mesh maps later on in SP.
I imported the low poly into SP and baked the mesh maps using the high poly, by Mesh Name in the bake settings , to help the light rays intersecting nearby geometry.
I widened the leg area so that it wouldn’t collide with the leg physics capsules when using Cloth physics later on then imported it into Unreal Engine
I added cloth physics to the bottom of the robe. It moves where its white.
And to the bottom part of the sleeves
The trousers poked through the robe when walking so I created a mask and separate material to hide the trousers above the knee.

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